Ordinance sets higher wages for city projects: San Mateo officials adopt rules for public works while encouraging private developers to adopt similar policies

October 13, 2014, 05:00 AM – By Samantha Weigel – Daily Journal

As the cost of living rises along the Peninsula, those who work on San Mateo city public works projects will be guaranteed prevailing wages after the City Council approved an ordinance codifying existing policy and to adhere to state regulations.

To receive state funding, California’s newly enacted Labor Code section 1782 requires charter cites, such as San Mateo, to pay workers at least the state’s prevailing wage on public works projects, City Attorney Shawn Mason said.

The ordinance was approved last week but Councilman David Lim said the City Council has long strived to pay its employees prevailing wages and encourage private developers to do so as well.

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