3 AZ Companies Pay Nearly Quarter Million in Back Wages

Hundreds of Valley workers are getting paid the money they’ve been waiting for.

Two security service providers and a piping company are paying their workers back more than $220,000, according to the U.S. Department of Labor spokesman Jose Carnevali.

Special Security Force Inc. and United Metro Security Force LLC in Peoria paid $70,633 in back wages to 203 workers and $24,849 in penalties.

An investigation found that workers weren’t getting half-time pay for hours beyond the 40-hour work week and were only being paid for “scheduled” hours instead of hours worked.

Investigators also found the company made improper deductions to cover the costs of uniforms, cleaning fees, security equipment and other miscellaneous items, Carnevali said.

In an unrelated case, Speedy Gonzalez Construction, a contractor specializing in underground piping for electrical services in Glendale, paid $152,615 in back wages to 41 workers. 

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