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National Alliance for Fair Contracting

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NAFC is a labor-management alliance of fair contracting organizations, contractors, and labor unions committed to promoting fairness in public construction contracting across the nation.

NAFC’s Board of Directors includes representatives from its member fair contracting organizations, contractor organizations, and labor unions.

NAFC’s Board of Directors: 

Rocco Davis, Chairman – LIUNA

Paul Von Berg, Co-Chairman – Brutoco Engineering

Sean McGarvey, Treasurer – President, North America’s Building Trades Unions

Karen Courtney, Secretary – FFC of Mass.

James Reed, Board Member – CCC 

Marc Poulos, Board Member – IIIFFC

Lou Sancio, Board Member – New Jersey Alliance for Competitive Contracting

John Penn, Board Member – LIUNA

Kevin Hilton, Board Member – Ironworkers IMPACT

Dan Aussem, Board Member – Illinois Valley Contractors Assoc.

Kimberly Glassman, Board Member – FFC of CT

Michael Kleinik, Board Member – LDCLMCC

Matthew Szollosi, Board Member – ACT Ohio

John O’Hare, Board Member – BCANY

James Callahan, Board Member – General President, IUOE

Steve Clark, Board Member – Granite Construction

Edward Smith, Chairman Emeritus


Geoffrey Griffith, NAFC Administrator


Network and Clearinghouse

NAFC provides a national network and clearinghouse for those committed to maintaining a fair and level playing field in public construction contracting. NAFC supports fair contracting organizations around the nation.

Conferences and Seminars

NAFC’s annual National Conference and regional conferences bring together all those who are committed to fairness in public contracting. These meetings enable advocates of fair contracting in the public works market to network with one another, and to educate themselves on all aspects of fair contracting in public construction. NAFC also sponsors legal seminars to assist attorneys committed to fair public contracting.


NAFC supports all laws that level the playing field in public construction and is the national voice to educate the public in the importance of fair contracting to workers, contractors and taxpayers.

Enforcement and Compliance

NAFC’s affiliates work with responsible contractors, unions, and public officials to ensure that all bidders on public works projects follow all the rules, all the time.


A Need for Fair Laws

Construction is constantly changing, and the laws regulating public contracting need to stay current to protect the public. NAFC supports prevailing wage laws, responsible bidder requirements, worker misclassification reform and other measures that level the playing field for all contractors.

A Need for Enforcement

Laws are meaningless without enforcement. Public officials responsible for enforcing existing prevailing wage, labor, safety, and other laws cannot be everywhere all the time. NAFC affiliates monitor public jobs, and work with enforcement agencies to ensure compliance with all laws.

A Need for Cooperation

When labor unions, responsible contractors, and public agencies work on their own, fair contracting enforcement can fall through the cracks, and cheaters can win. NAFC works to improve cooperation between labor, management, and government agencies so that everyone can work together to ensure fairness in the public construction market.