Labor Bureau Recovers Lost Wages

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries has secured more than $20,000 for 10 workers for a Salem contractor not paid wages to which they were entitled on a Pearl District park project.

The overtime and prevailing wage violations stem from work performed by Salem contractor Green Thumb Landscaping on The Fields Neighborhood Park in Portland’s Pearl District. Green Thumb Landscaping was a subcontractor on the public works project.

During investigation, Green Thumb initially refused to provide investigators with documents necessary to determine the accuracy of the workers’ claims. The bureau subpoenaed Green Thumb to provide it with the material, including payroll records and contact information for potentially affected employees.

The wages recovered represent the latest unlawful practice from the contracting firm. The bureau has secured more than $70,000 in unpaid wages from Green Thumb Landscaping and Maintenance, Green Thumb Yard Maintenance Inc., Green Thumb LLC and Green Thumb and Maintenance Inc. for previous wage and hour violations.

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