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NAFC seeks to educate the public, taxpayers and government officials on the benefits of responsible contracting policies (RCP’s) that level the playing field in public construction.  Below is a compilation of resources on responsible contracting policies.

From the Center for Construction Research and Training:

1) Construction Procurement: Policies That Address Health Insurance: A Cost Analysis

C. Jeffrey Waddoups, Dept. of Economics, Univ. of Nevada and David C. May, Concord Cymorth LC (2009) concludes that:

“Adopting high-road employment policies, which include employment-based health insurance, and safe workplaces, and pensions, provide obvious benefits to workers, their families, and the community…. We find no statistically discernible differences in final bid costs between RCP and non-RCP schools.  Therefore, our study supports the idea that adopting RCP’s for school construction may be an effective way to improve jobs and living standards of workers without significantly raising costs for taxpayers.”

From NELP:

2) The Road to Responsible Contracting: Lessons from States and Cities for Ensuring That Federal Contracting Delivers Good Jobs and Quality Services (Sonn and Gebreselassie – 2009)

A National Employment Law Project report that documents successful responsible contracting reforms in states and localities across the nation.

3) Contracting That Works  (2010)

From the Center for American Progress:

4) High Road Government: A Contracting Policy that Helps Workers, Taxpayers and Business  (2010)

5) Taking the High Road: Next steps to Cleaning Up Federal Contracting  (2010)

From American Prospect:

6) Government Paves the Way: A Decent Worker Agenda for the Obama Administration (2009)

From the Florida International University – Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy:

7) Best Value in Publicly Funded Projects: Contractor Selection in Two County GOD Projects  (2006)

8) Construction under the county’s General Obligation Bond; Advantage and Disadvantages of Alternative Ways to Renovate the Orange Bowl and Expand the Jackson South Community Hospital  (2006)

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